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Cheers! Casinos brings you casino reviews of not necessarily the best casinos out there, but casinos that have something special about them, something that we feel might make the casino attractive to players such as me and you.
Updated: Dec 06 2020
Casino Reviews

Fresh casino reviews 2020 - only honest casino reviews!

We will be reviewing new casinos every week, bringing you something new and interesting all the time. Cheers! Casinos casino reviews can always be found in the right hand column of this page. But before you head over to learn about all the new casinos, what are the aspects we actually care about when it comes to casinos?

Which criteria do we care about?

In all honesty, most casinos are very similar, with only a handful actually standing out from each other. But casinos might differ in some aspects.

Clarity of information & user experience

That's one criterion you can't find from pretty much any other site. We have no idea why. In our opinion this could be considered one of the most important aspects of any casino. In simple terms - can you understand what the casino is saying? Or when you read their casino tournament descriptions and bonus terms it all looks like gibberish? We're not just talking about language problems here, pretty much all casinos have them. That's why we at Cheers! Casinos are actually offering casinos last line of defence service but that's already another story.

We have seen many casinos which have problems making their point clear. Sometimes it's intentional. Sometimes it's unintentional. Whichever it is, it's bad. All information offered on a casino website needs to be easy to read, easy to understand. If it's not, the casino won't get many points from us.

Under clarity we also consider the user experience as a whole - can you find everything you want easily enough? If you write game provider name to their search field instead of a slot name, does it give any results? Is it easy enough to find information about your last deposits or your winnings and losses as a whole? Is it easy enough to find the responsible gaming settings page? Or ... if the casino doesn't have it, do they at least make that part clear?

Clarity of information and website itself is important and we check that in case of every single casino we will be reviewing.

Game selection

How big is the casino's game selection as a whole and how's the quality of the games and game providers? Does the casino also offer players the chance to play poker against other players and if, through which poker software or poker network? If someone is interested in placing sports bets, do they make that possible? While in our reviews we don't deduct points for missing sports and poker, it's information you as a player might want to know.

Payment options, minimum payments and speed of withdrawals

Does the casino offer enough reasonable payment options? It's good if a casino has dozens and dozens of different payment options, but if they don't have the most common ones like credit card, Skrill or something else, it looks dodgy. Well, then again, not always. If we talk about pay & play casinos then we don't expect too many payment options. Just one. Same with dedicated Bitcoin casinos. But in general - in our reviews we do pay a lot of attention to different payment options the casino is offering.

We also look at the minimum deposit amounts as well as minimum withdrawal amounts. And when it matters, we also pay attention to the maximum withdrawals.

Are the payments, especially withdrawals, quick enough or do they take days? It matters.

Bonuses & wagering requirements

What kind of bonuses is the casino offering? If they are offering any at all. And if they do offer you bonuses, what's the casino's usual wagering requirement like?

Responsible Gaming settings

Does the casino have a dedicated responsible gaming settings page where you can configure different kinds of gaming limits for yourself? And it does, what are the different options you can use and how do they work? And if they don't, well, you'll want to know that before joining the casino as well.

Cheers! Casinos offers you helpful casino reviews

Pretty much every single casino out there is good at something. Our goal is to find that one thing and share it with you. And we don't forget the negative aspect either.
Jay Gory
Jay Gory
Jay has been playing in online casinos as well as online poker rooms for nearly two decades and is now sharing his knowledge on Cheers! Casinos.

FAQ - things to remember

Are Cheers! Casinos reviews honest?
Yes, very. We like to play in casinos ourselves and we hate when someone is lying about something. That's why we try to do it differently.
What do we care about in our casino reviews?
The main things we care about when writing a casino review are clarity of information and user experience, game selection, payment options and the size of minimum deposits and withdrawals. And we obviously also care about the speed of payments.

If the casino is offering bonuses, we also check their wagering requirement.

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