Which casino games are the best ones?

What makes one game better than the other? I mean other than our very individual taste. What are the details of any game you should pay attention to?
Updated: Nov 21 2020
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Criteria for choosing the best slot games

There are thousands of slots available these days, actually closer to tens of thousands, and sometimes it's rather difficult to choose the game to play. We recommend choosing games on three main factors.

Slot RTP

Always choose games with as high RTP as possible. We consider slot RTP to be very high from 96.5%, but anything above 95% is okay (ish). Note that not all games have the same RTP percentage in all casinos, so it might make sense to always check it.

dig deeper

RTP of the same slot game can be different in online casinos. So you need to check the RTP of the game in every casino individually. Which are the game providers whose slot games can have different RTPs in every casino?

Slot Variance

All slots have also different variance - from very low to very high. Lowe variance games give you more frequent smaller wins while high variance slots might pay out more but less often. Which variance you prefer depends on you. But if your playing bankroll is rather small we recommend choosing low to mid variance slots.

The game itself

In addition to RTP and variance the slot needs to be interesting to play. And that's often very subjective. So that depends already on your taste a lot. But you can see our current favorites below.

What are the games that we like to play?

Most sites creating top slots lists seem to be taking it from thin air. Sometimes you can understand after reading the first sentence that they have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. We try to do it differently. Hopefully soon you'll be able to see different slots lists, high RTP slots lists or slots best for wagering your casinos bonuses. But let's start up with our own favorites, the slots that we like to play. They might not be the best slots out there, neither might they have the highest ever RTP, but there seem to be something that attracts us. What are those slots and what makes them interesting for us, that's what we're going to look into next.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit Megaways

PaylinesUp to 248,832
Max win13 000x
White Rabbit is a neat megaways slot from Big Time Gaming. While it's not a new slot anymore, it was released back in 2017, it's still one of the most popular megaways slots out there. Reaons for that are not difficult to find - it was very high RTP and it has great win potential. White Rabbit RTP is 97.24%-97.77% (higher end if you buy the bonus game for full price) and it comes with features such as free spins feature and also randomly triggered Bonus Wild function that can add up to four wilds with 2x or 3x multiplier on the reels. During this function we once managed to win around 100 euros with 0.20 bet. Obviously it doesn't happen often that you get four multiplier wilds on the reels, but one or maybe two multiplier wilds are added to the reels quite often.

When you manage to get three rabbits on the reels, the free spins are activated where you get 15 free spins. However, you can also get extra spins in the bonus round, up to 3 to 12 new free spins for every reel.

White Rabbit offers maximum win of up to 13 000x your bet.

Legacy of Dead

Legacy of Dead

Max win5000x
Legacy of Dead is the first game Play'n Go released in 2020. Or maybe it was the first game of 2020 in general, considering it was released January 2. It's something very different from White Rabbit, but still quite addictive. Although we do need to say that when we learned about when the game was released, we were sort of surprised. We actually would have expected this game to be rather old, at least five or ten years old, as that's exactly as it looks. But independent of that we love the functions. In short - once you get to the bonus game you get at least 8 free spins. In the beginning of the bonus round one symbol is chosen which will become expanding symbols on the reel covering it from top to bottom and gives you bigger wins. And if you get the symbol on at least two (in case of higher paying symbols) or three reels, it doesn't matter if the reels are next to each other or not, they still bring you wins. Whenever you get another three scatter symbols on the reels during the free spins you are given another 8 spins and another expanding symbols are chosen. Maximum you can end up with is 9 active expanding symbols. So the game is interesting, especially if you're doing great.

Legacy of Egypt

Legacy of Egypt

Max win5000x
Legacy of Egypt is another release from Play'n Go, which we intitially thought was the newer of the two, but this one actually arrived 2018. In a sense it's similar to Legacy of Dead. Or well, at least in one way - you can retrigger free spins in one form or another multiple times. In Legacy of Egypt, after you manage to activate the free spins round, firstly bonus wheel is spun and you will get anywhere from 3 to 20 free spins. In the beginning of each free spin a random win multiplayer between 2x and 10x is chosen. If you get two scatter symbols to the reels, the bonus wheel is retriggered and you'll be given 3 to 8 Pyramid spins with the multiplier just chosen. Should you get three scatte symbols on the reels the possible spin amounts on the wheel are doubled. During pyramid spins we can get more pyramid spins the same way. Once the pyramid spins are over you'll be returned to your initial free spins and it can all happen again on each and every spin.

Hammer of Vulcan

Hammer of Vulcan

Max win20,347x
Hammer of Vulcan is a new game from Quickspin. If you've played games from Quickspin before it's not really recognizable. It's pretty different from the company's normal production. We're not saying that their usual games are not good, but Hammer of Vulcan is simply different. During free spins you can get one additional new free spin for every scatter symbol landing on the reels. And whenever the hammer (wild) should land on the reels, whether it helps you get a win or not, it increases the multiplier by one.

Hammer of Vulcan can be a really awesome game, we've experienced it ourselves. However, it needs to be said that it's also VERY volatile game and as such, if things don't go your way, you do need to have lots of patience. RTP of Hammer of Vulcan is not the highest out there - 95.81%.

Money Train

Money Train 2

RTP96.4% / 98%
Max win50 000x
Money Train is another 2020 release, but this one has been created by slightly less known studio Relax Gaming. It comes with decent or awesome RTP, depending on details. The game's normal RTP is 96.4%, but if you decide to buy the bonus round the RTP jumps to 98.0%. Not only does Money Train 2 have very high max RTP, it also has really, really high maximum win. If you're lucky enough you can end your playing session with a whopping 50 000x win. And the way to such a high win is even more awesome. Relax Gaming has been able to turn a simple, often used bonus feature and turn it into something special. The simple version of their bonus round - you get three spins to collect multipliers on the reels. After another multiplier lands on the reel the three spins start from the beginning.

But as mentioned, Relax Gaming has worked hard to turn this simple, often boring, bonus feature into something awesome. There are actually ten different kinds of symbols that can land there. Multiplier symbols, Payer symbo (adds its own value to all other symbols on the reel aready), Collector (adds the total of all other symbols values to itself), Sniper, Machine gun and much more.

And the game comes with great graphics.

Although the game came out just in September 2020, we have already seen someone getting the max win. You can see how that happened here:

No wonder we love this game!

Esqueleto Esplosivo 2

Esqueleto Esplosivo 2

Max win5 000x
Esqueleto Esplosivo 2 is again a very different game. This is the baby of Thunderkick. While this one is considered very volatile as well, based on out experience Money Train 2 and Esqueleto Esplosivo can't really be compared when it comes to volatility. This one is definitely more forgiving. While there is a nice free spins round here as well, you can already enjoy the game a lot during the based game. Multipliers, explosing heads, nice la-la sounds. The game is very enjoyable from the beginning.

In the free spins round you have 10 free spins, but whenever you get two other metal-heads or well, scatters, on the board, you get another three free spins. And for every three exploding heads you get one extra free spin in addition to increasing the minimum multiplier for the remaining free spins.

Jay Gory
Jay Gory
Jay has been playing in online casinos as well as online poker rooms for nearly two decades and is now sharing his knowledge on Cheers! Casinos.

FAQ - things to remember

What slots do we like?
We love White Rabbit Megaways slot, Legacy of Dead, Legacy of Egypt, Hammer of Vulcan, Money Train 2 and Esqueleto Esplosivo 2.
What details matter when choosing a slot to play?
You should care about slot RTP, slot variance and why not also the maximum possible payout multiplier.

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