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Poker can be played in different formats - video poker, live poker or poker against other real players like you. The best poker experience comes from the latter - playing cash games or poker tournaments against other players on the best online poker sites.
Updated: Dec 20 2020
Poker Rooms

Play on the best online poker sites

For us the best means poker sites where it is the easiest to start playing in. Poker sites where there are enough cash tables, enough tournaments to choose from. One good example of such poker sites is Tiger Gaming.

Cash games

When you choose a poker site you need to make sure that they have enough players in the types and limits you're looking to play. So if you want to play with $1/$2 No Limit Texas Hold'em, make sure the site has enough tables to do that. Same goes for any other poker variant, be it PLO, PLO8 or anything else.

Poker tournaments - from regular knockout tournaments to bounty tournaments

Poker sites also offer you different kind of tournaments. Our own dfinite favorites are bounty tournaments. In bounty tournaments you get money for knocking out other players. Normally in case of such tournaments the buy-in of each player is divided into two different prize pools - 50% goes to the regular tournament prize pool and the other 50% goes to bounty prize pool.

This means that in case of $11 tournament, $1 is the buy-in fee that goes to the poker room. And then $5 goes to the regular prize book and $5 goes to the player's bounty.

The buy-in doesn't necessarily have to be divided 50/50, it can also be 25/75 or something else.

How much you get for knocking someone out first depends on how the prize pool is divided xactly. And secondly whether it's a progressive bounty tournament or just a bounty tournament.

In case of a regular bounty tournament you would get the entire player's bounty just for knocking someone out. And the size of the bounty would always be the same.

So in the previous example you would get $5.

However, if you're playing progressive bounty tournaments, then you would normally get half of the player's bounty and the other half would be added to your bounty.

So if the the other player's bounty is $5, and so is yours, you knock them out and you get $2.50 in case plus the other $2.50 would be added to your own bounty growing it to $7.50.

Again, how the bounty is actually divided in progressive bounty tournaments depends on the specific tournament. It can be 50/50, but it can also be 25/75 or even TOTAL KO type tournament where there is no regular prize pool.

In case of the last example the player's entire buy-in would be the player's bounty.
Jay Gory
Jay Gory
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