Smart payment methods in online casinos

The payment options that are offered to you vary a lot based on the casino. But what are the different options, what are their plusses and minuses in general? And How to know which payment option is the best for you or how to know what's the best payment option in a specific casino? Let's dig in!
Updated: Nov 20 2020
Trusted casino payment methods

Casino payment options - and their plusses and the minuses

Online casinos offer their players, this is you, numerous different options you can use to make deposits or withdraw money out of the casino. Each of them have their own plusses and minuses that might also depend on the specific casino.

Let's look the main payment options and see what they are all about. And just beware - we'll only look at options that make sense in this day and age, so manual bank transfers and cheques that might take days to clear - you don't need to play that much!

Bank transfer & Trustly

The most straight-forward payment option is probably bank transfer. Obviously it depends on the country we're talking about, but normally it can be done using a simple online bank link which allows you to make a deposit using your internet banking credentials. Trustly offers pretty much the exact same option with one main difference for casinos.

Trustly - what's it all about?

Trustly, in simplest terms, makes lives for casino owners easier. If casino wants to offer players the ability to deposit via online banking, they need to set up different bank links for each and every bank. If, however, they choose to use Trustly, players can deposit using any of the supported banks and the casino itself doesn't need to worry about it.

Trustly became more known with the launch of Pay & Play casinos which allow players not only deposit via Trustly but also create an account in casinos automatically just by logging in to the casino using your bank credentials.

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No Account Casinos are currently available in four European countries, but we expect them to be available in at least ten more countries in Europe within the next year or two.

Credit cards

Using a (pre-paid) credit card to make payments in online casinos is also extremely easy option. In most casinos you can use Mastercard and Visa, in some casinos also Maestro and in a few casinos you can also use your Revolut card.


E-wallets have become more and more popular and by now you can choose between dozens of different e-wallets. But the most popular e-wallets for that purpose are currently Skrill, Neteller and possibly ecoPayz.


Some casinos allow you to make deposits using one or many different cryptocurrencies. Among the main supported cryptos are Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Which is the best option for making payments in online casinos?

All of the options have their own plusses and minuses which we have brought out in the table below.
Plusses Minuses
Trustly and instant bank transfer Quick & easy
Only payment option in pay & play casinos
Your bank knows everything
Might not be available in all countries
Credit cards Quick & easy deposits Withdrawals might take long time
May have bigger minimum withdrawal limit.
Not available in all countries (i.e UK)
E-wallets Slightly more anonymous than bank transfer Takes a bit more time - you first need to load money to your e-wallet
Deposit to e-wallet might not be free.
May have bigger minimum deposit amount
Cryptocurrencies Most anonymous payment option
Great for crypto enthusiasts
If your crypto wallet is empty, you first need to buy crypto.
Often isn't eligible for sign up bonuses
Jay Gory
Jay Gory
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