Casino Bonus Estimated Value Calculator: choose your bonus wisely

Casino bonus estimated value calculator - calculate the EV of casino bonuses or free spins bonuses. Use our EV calculator to accept only good bonuses!
Updated: Dec 13 2020
Online Casino Bonus Estimated Value Calculator

Online Casino Bonus calculator - calculate bonus EV

Choose the bonus EV calculators below to find out whether it makes sense to accept casino bonus or not. We have created two different casino bonus calculators for you – regular casino bonus calculator and casino free spins bonus calculator. But the calculations can be done essentially the same way.

Casino Bonus EV Calculator

Bonus Free Spins EV calculator

How to use the casino bonus calculator?

Using the casino bonus calculators is easy. You just need to know three details:
  • Bonus amount
  • Wagering requirement
  • Casino edge

If you know which game you’ll be using to wager the bonus, you can get the casino edge by substracting the game RTP from 100. Casino or house edge in general is between 2 and 8%.

Important If the bonus terms tell you that you need to wager both - the bonus money AND your deposit, then in case of a 100% bonus offer double the wagering requirement in the bonus calculator.

I.e. in case of a normal EUR 100 bonus where you need to wager only the bonus, and the wagering requirement is 25x, you need to wager 2500 euros.

But if you need to wager both deposit AND bonus, then you need to wager 5000 euros. So twice as much.

So when using our casino bonus calculator, in case of deposit + bonus wagering requirement don't add 25x to the EV calculator but 50x.

Does the casino bonus calculator guarantee results

We’re talking about casinos here, we’re talking about games of luck here. So no, no results are guaranteed. BUT mathematically, positive results in EV calculation do give you an edge over the casino.

How precise is the casino free spins bonus calculator?

The free spins EV calculator uses spins value to calculate the bonus EV. But in reality you need to wager the spins winnings not the initial value of the free spins.

So our free spins EV calculator should give you an idea whether the bonus is positive or negative, but it doesn’t give you the information about how much you are likely to win or lose based on math.

Because that depends a lot on how much you won with your free spins.
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