Bitcoin & Crypto Casinos: How do Bitcoin casinos work?

Bitcoin casinos have become more popular than ever due to the popularity for bitcoin and other digital currencies. Bitcoin casinos are flourishing because transactions in cryptocurrencies are safe, anonymous, and quick, offering players the chance to play any kind of casino games using cryptocurrencies.
Updated: Nov 24 2020
Bitcoin Casinos

What are bitcoin casinos?

For those of you still not acquainted with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - bitcoin is currently the most popular digital currency that is based on blockchain technology. Bitcoin casinos use that technology to offer digital currencies as a payment method to make deposits an withdrawals in their casinos. Some bitcoin casinos offer players bitcoin (and other cryptos) as the only payment method in the casino. Other online casinos might offer bitcoin payments as an additional payment method. The latter offers you not only bitcoin payments but normally also the option of making payments using credit cards, e-wallets, and other options.

The game selection of bitcoin casinos can be very similar to other online casinos. But sometimes you will also notice very different selection. Bitcoin casinos, as any other online casinos, can offer players the chance to play on slots, make sports bets, play poker, play bingo or why not enjoy their time while playing online scratch cards.

Bitcoin casinos have mainly become popular due to the aspect of anonymity and no transaction fees.

Long story short - Bitcoin casinos are online casinos that offers Bitcoin as a payment method.

List of best online Bitcoin (BTC) casinos

The most experienced surfers can find hundreds of bitcoin casinos. We have made our own selection. These are the bitcoin casinos we recommend at this time:

Are there any bitcoin casinos for US players?

Bitcoin casinos are illegal in most states, but there are many bitcoin casinos for US players as well, bitcoin casinos where American players can also join.

How do Bitcoin casinos work?

Bitcoin casinos function pretty much the same way as their traditional counterparts. Playing is usually done with your Bitcoin or millibitcoin (mBTC). The latter has the value of 1/1000 of a Bitcoin. Sometimes casinos also convert your bitcoins into some in-house currency or fiat currency to offer better playing experience.

Why are bitcoin casinos becoming more popular now?

Bitcoin casinos are gaining popularity for a number of reasons.

  • Cryptocurrencies are now trusted payment method. A decade ago nobody knew what to think of cryptocurrencies. Will they stay or will they go? In 2020 you can surely say that they are here to stay. And while they are still very volatile (which is actually also one of the reasons for their popularity), they do have the trust factor working for them now as well.
  • Cryptocurrencies are anonymous. While nothing is truly anonymous these days, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies transactions offer the the highest anonymity in online gaming. No other payment method comes even close to that.
  • Tweaked games. It is sometimes possible to find the same games in bitcoin casinos as in other casinos but with some cool tweaks. Those tweaks might not be okay in traditional casinos, but in bitcoin casinos they are allowed.
  • Many bitcoin casinos allow players to create an account with minimum details. Sometimes using just your email. Very often there are no KYC (Know Your Customer) process either. So very often you can play in a bitcoin casino even if gambling is not allowed in your own country.
  • Bitcoin casinos can sometimes offer bigger jackpots or bonuses because their operating costs are significantly lower than in case of their traditional counterparts.
  • Withdrawals in Bitcoin casinos are extremely fast, they can sometimes take just a few seconds.
  • Bitcoin casinos are open to players from more than 100 countries around the world.

Are bitcoin casinos legal?

Bitcoin casinos are legal in many countries, yet illegal in some. In general, bitcoin casinos are sort of a gray area still, as the legislation in most countries have not gotten there yet. At the same time there are also many casinos that are licensed in countries with strict gambling laws and are also able to offer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an alternate payment method to all other options.

Are Bitcoin casinos trustworthy?

With all the anonymity, can bitcoin casinos actually be trusted? There are always exceptions, but generally bitcoin casinos have got a reputation of being honest and trustworthy. While they are not controlled as much as the traditional casinos, the control part is often being done by players themselves or the bitcoin community.

Before joining a casino go through the information on their site, see if they offer any proof of their honesty in operations, read reviews from sites like Cheers! Casinos and player reviews from anywhere else.

What's more, many bitcoin casinos are offering players games from very trusted game providers like NetEnt and as such already this offers them some sort of additional legitimacy. Big game providers worth billions can't afford any negative press an they need to make sure their games are truly honest everywhere.

And that's not all, it's also important to make sure the bitcoin casino has a license. It doesn't have to be a license from a country where the gambling laws are very strict. Of course, a license from UK Gaming Commission is always better, but license from Curacao or Montenegro is usually good enough. If the casino doesn't have any kind of license, then in 99% of the cases, better don't join it.

What to keep an eye on So very quickly, what are the things to check before joining a new bitcoin casino?
  • License
  • Games from Trusted game providers
  • Reviews
  • Casino age (or if company is operating multiple casinos, new casino is okay if it already has a problemless brother or sister)
On Cheers! Casinos page you can only see casinos that have at least some kind of license.
Jay Gory
Jay Gory
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FAQ - things to remember

What are the main benefits of playing in a bitcoin casinos?
There are many good reasons for that - speed, anonymity, bonuses, availability.
Are American players accepted in Bitcoin casinos?
Yes. Some bitcoin casinos do accept players from the United States, but not all of them.
Are Bitcoin casinos safe?
Most popular bitcoin casinos are as safe as their traditional counterparts. But you do need to pay attention to their age, their reputation, their license and other details.

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