Casino slots tournaments: different types of casino tournaments

Casinos offer their players a wide variety of different casino slots tournaments to participate in. But not all of them are actually meant for all players. Or at least shouldn't be.
Updated: Nov 20 2020
What are casino slots tournaments?

Most casinos organize new tournaments and competitions all the time. And they can be a good way to boost your adrenaline levels as well as earn potentially some extra money. However, before you get too pumped up, you should understand what the different tournaments are all about.

Not all slots tournaments are created by casinos themselves. Actually, at least around half of them are network campaigns launched by game providers. If that's the case, the same tournament tournament is open to players in a number of different casinos, not just one. And also the tournament leaderboard is then put together of all the players in different casinos.

Main types of casino tournaments

Obviously there can be dozens of different slots tournaments out there, but based on our experience the there are three most common types of online slots tournaments - highest win multiplier tournaments, play-through tournaments and mission-based tournaments.

Highest win multiplier tournaments

Highest win multiplier tournaments are slot tournaments that reward the biggest winners even more. There are generally two different types of highest win multiplier tournaments out there. The highest win multiplier tournaments where the win from only one single spin is counted and tournaments where your total win multiplier from 20-200 consecutive spins are counted.

All you need to do to win this type of tournaments is to get bigger win than other spinners.

Highest win multiplier slots tournament example

Let's say there's a slots tournament where just one spin is counted. For every 1x win compared to your bet size you get one point in the leaderboard. If you play with 1 EUR bet and you win 10 EUR, you get 10 points (10/1 = 10). You would also get the same amount of points if you played with bet size of 0.20 and won EUR 2 or played with 10 EUR spins and won EUR 100.

In our opinion that's one of the best types of slots tournaments out there. Especially if it's been organized by the casino itself, not a game provider. If it's organized by a game provider there are a lot more people playing and chances of ensuring your place in the leaderboard are lower. Then again, of course, usually the prizes are bigger as well.

We managed to win second place in one such tournament ourselves, playing with 0.20 spins. The second place paid out 70 euros. The win that gave us the second place was around 800x bet.

Note that in case of 1 spin highest win multiplier tournaments the bonus rounds or free spins are counted as one spin. And that's logical, considering it's one spin that helped you there.

Play-through tournaments

This could also be called high roller tournaments as in here you get leaderboard points for spending money. Each euro you play with gives you points. Independent of whether the spin brought you win or loss. As an example, if you get one point per very one euro spent you would get 100 leaderboard points for doing hundred 1 euro spins.

If this kind of tournament is organized by a game provider, you can easily understand that there are loads of high rollers around and if you play with small bets, then even being extremely lucky doesn't give you a chance of winning anything extra.

Then again, if the tournament is organized by a small casino itself and only spins made in a handful of slots are counted, then your chances of making it to the leaderboard grow exponentially. But even then, playing with min bet sizes might not be enough to get you to the leaderboard.

Mission-based tournaments

And then there are tournaments where your task is to complete three or four missions with the least amount of spins. These tournaments are most commonly organized by game providers but not necessarily.

Missions might vary, but normally there are three or four missions you need to complete in three or four specific games. Missions can vary - from getting X times to the bonus round to activating some specific feature Y times to seeing some specific symbols on reels Z times.

Whenever you play the games participating in the tournament, your spins are counted. The player who manages to complete all of the missions with the lowest total spin count wins.

Normally you can also restart the mission after you see there's no hope to make it to the leaderboard anymore.

Things to keep in mind in case of any kind of casino tournament

There are a number of things you should keep in mind with any kind of casino slots tournaments.

  - First and foremost, read the tournament rules. Make sure there are no further wagering requirements to your winnings. Otherwise you might spend time and money to get to the leaderboard only to discover that the winnings have a 35x wagering requirement.
- Don't forget to join the tournament! Most of the time you need to join the tournament. Any spins you make before that don't count!
- Make sure you know which slots participate in the tournament. While some tournaments might include all slots, most of the time it's not so.
- Read the rules again! Is there a minimum bet size you need to use in order to participate in the tournament?
- Make sure you know the dates - any spins you make before the tournament starts or after it has ended obviously don't count!

Where can you find casino slots tournaments?

Almost all casinos that offer players any kind of bonuses sometimes also offer you the chance to participate in one or more casino slots tournaments. Some casinos might have a special category for them, but more often you will find the tournaments under their "Campaigns", "Offers" or "Bonuses" category.
Jay Gory
Jay Gory
Jay has been playing in online casinos as well as online poker rooms for nearly two decades and is now sharing his knowledge on Cheers! Casinos.

FAQ - things to remember

What are the main types of slots tournaments?
Main types of slots tournaments are highest win multiplier tournaments, play-through or wagering tournaments and mission-based tournaments.
What are the slots tournaments with most potential?
We'd say highest win multiplier tournaments as these are all based on luck and not necessarily on the size of your wallet.

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